Coupons help consumers save money online, millions of consumers use these websites on a daily base! Let’s see where YOU can save YOUR money!

Online Couponing, How about it?

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Ok: Consumers LOVE couponing! We all know this. But the webshops can have a different opinion: Some of them love them and some hate it. Why do webshops think so differently about this? What is all this love and hate about? Check out these articles to make sure you know what you are doing:

Don’t give away those coupons that easy!

Voucher Website Funding & Money!

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Ok, Lot’s of stuff is happening in the world of couponing websites, the rule seems to be: Either sell to a big media company or get a ‘whale’ of financing in through funding. Check the following updates to see what’s going on:

10 Couponing Tips for Consumers!

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  1. Stick to coupons for things you really use.
  2. Pick a couple of favorite coupon sites and hit them regularly
  3. Be sure to hit Couponsites at the end of the month (most coupons end at the end of the month)
  4. Target the manufacturer sites of your favorite brands.
  5. Visit Supermarket store sites (and become a member to scout for deals)
  6. Focus on categories on couponsites, you might be able to buy the same sneakers on another site
  7. Join the store’s loyalty card program.
  8. Opt in for mailed offers & newsletters for special deals.
  9. Join (and scout) the Facebook groups of your favorite brands
  10. Never pay the full price again and join millions of other couponers! =)
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